Wholesale Opportunity

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In response to your many requests, we are now selling in volume at wholesale prices.  
We now offer most of our products at wholesale prices for volume orders.  Please Call or Email us for details.

=== Attention Resellers ==

We now sell (and export) Containers.  We can now ship both 20ft and 40ft Containers at substantial savings to you.

Contact Leticia for more information!!   Phone 877-707-3959 (337-236-8662)

-- Special for Europe --

We are actively seeking European Distributors.  We can help you tap into the growing demand for Mexican Products in Europe.  In addition to providing quality Mexican Art, we can help you market your business by providing a custom website to promote and sell your products for very minimal cost. 
For more information please Email, Leticia VerHage at  Sales@Aztec-Empire.com.

Languages: Leticia can help you in English, Spanish, French or Italian.


Would you like to earn some money?  Then try our Risk Free* 'Silver Distributors' Offer.


Silver Distributor Program

Plan A
Minimum Purchase: $500**
Discount: 50% (Retail Price)
Plan B
Minimum Purchase: $2,500**
Discount: 55% (Retail Price)
Plan C
Minimum Purchase: $4,000**
Discount: 60% (Retail Price)

*Guarantee: We will exchange any Silver pieces that you are having trouble selling.
** Wholesale Prices

Background: Our silver comes from the mines of Taxco in Mexico. We carry the highest .925  Sterling quality Silver which is treated so that it will not tarnish. Each piece has the mark of 'Mexico' and '.925' (many will claim to be Mexican .925, but ours is the real thing). 

We offer a great variety  of silver including: rings and earrings (with or without stones), chains, bangles, necklace, bracelets and combined sets. 
We will be offering an On-line Catalog (we have over 1,000 different pieces) in the very near future, but for now just call us and we can send you the information.

Support:  We will also help to sell the Silver by providing you with Sales Material, including information on the quality of our .925 Silver, The history of Taxco and why it's Silver is so sought after.


For full details call 877-707-3959 or E-mail us at Sales@aztec-empire.com 


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